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Who do you want to buy a drink for today?

Not sure about you, but most of us have friends, family and people we like all over the world. And as much as we would like to, sometimes it's simply not possible to buy a drink for someone let's say in Vancouver... That is until now!

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Drink's on Me icon Drink's on Me let's you select a friend, select a venue and buy a drink! It's that simple. Haven't seen your college buddy in 15 years? Always wanted to buy a drink for that girl, but she lives across the country? Want to make a gesture your grandpa will appreciate? Buy them a drink... So what are you waiting for?
They are thirsty!

The App that let's you do more...

With participating bars in many cities world wide, it's never been so easy to buy someone a drink. Choose a place local to your friend. If you cannot find one, write us a suggestion and we sign them up.
London, England
Dania Beach, USA
Barbados, Caribean
Riga, Latvia
Cancun, Mexico
Boston, USA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Own a Pub? Want to participate in App?

We're always looking to add quality establishments to our ever growing list of venues! Be the talk of the town (or world, in this case) and become a part of fastest growing network. Doesn't having new people walk into your bar and sample the drinks, grub, atmosphere that only you can provide sound good?

There is no time like now to offer your unique services and ambiance to the world of thirsty people. Find out more about the benefits, social media exposure and business we can generate for you. Act now...
Become a Venue!