Drink's on me app on iPhone and Android

Who do you want to buy a drink for today?

Not sure about you, but most of us have friends, family and people we like all over the world. And as much as we would like to, sometimes it's simply not possible to buy a drink for someone let's say in Vancouver... That is until now!

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How Does it Work?

Buying a drink for someone:

It is very simple. You download the Drink's on Me app to your smartphone and select a friend from your Facebook list or choose one from phone's contacts. Then pick a bar or restaurant and buy them a drink! That's it...

Your friend gets notified that you have bought them a drink, they head to the venue you choose, redeem their drink and cheer you. And hopefully return you the favour... :)

Receiving a drink:

If you already have Drink's on Me app on your phone you will be notified in app that your friend has bought you a drink. Otherwise you should download the free app, and enter the code you received from your friend.

The app will keep track of the drinks your friends have bought for you and the venues where you can redeem them. To have a drink, simply walk into the participating pub, present waiter or bartender with the in-app coupon, they will tap "Redeem" button and pour you your drink.