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Who do you want to buy a drink for today?

Not sure about you, but most of us have friends, family and people we like all over the world. And as much as we would like to, sometimes it's simply not possible to buy a drink for someone let's say in Vancouver... That is until now!

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Terms of Service

Here, at Drinks on Me, we believe in common sense. Most problems can be avoided if more people used it, so in this spirit our terms are in English, as opposed to whatever language is commonly used for such…

1. Individual Venues are governed by their respective liquor laws of locality. We do not, and can not, know all the rules and regulations at each location, therefore it is up to the venues to enforce their respective regulations, such as drinking age, requirement to buy another item on the menu of equal or greater value, number of drinks that can be served to each individual customer, etc. Venues can refuse to serve you or honor the electronic voucher for any reason. On the flip side, if venue refuses you your drink for no reason whatsoever, we will look into it and remove said venue from app. You will be able to redeem your drink at any other venue of your choice.

2. Drinks on Me is an app meant to send a gift, not to routinely purchase your drinks through it. You can redeem only one drink per day at any given venue. You can not send drinks to yourself, or purchase them for your friends while already with them at the venue location.

3. Drinks on Me electronic voucher is good for a drink. Do not expect to be poured a shot of Lois XIII, or request something from the top shelf. The choice of drink is up to each individual venue.

4. And last but not least, enjoy. Cheers!

Drinks on Me Team